Scalp Micropigmentation And Grey Hair

How does scalp micropigmentation work with grey hair?


Scalp Micropigmentation and grey hair. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is by far the most cost-effective and long-lasting hair loss solution available today. Not only can it restore your hairline and confidence along with it, but it costs a lot less than a hair transplant. Furthermore, it won’t leave any horrible scars on your scalp.


However, as fantastic as scalp micropigmentation is, one thing it can’t do is stop time. Hair loss is inevitable for most men at some point in their life and along the way that also means going grey. Most men start to turn grey somewhere between 40 and 50 years old, although it can start earlier, depending on their genetic make-up. A common question we are asked about the treatment is “What happens to the treatment when I start to go grey?” Read on below and we’ll explain everything you need to know.


What happens to scalp micropigmentation treatment when your hair turns grey?


It’s totally understandable to ask what happens to scalp micropigmentation when you start to go grey. It will not have any impact on how you look. All shaved heads have a grey tone to them no matter what colour the hair is. You can also decide to skip a touch-up so that your SMP gets lighter with your hair as you age


If you start to turn grey after your treatment,  it will not have any impact on how you look. This is simply because of the hair length you should maintain after having SMP. In order to get the best out of the solution, we advise you shave your head at least once every few days (depending on how quickly it grows). When hair is shaved short so that it is just hair follicles ( also known as a 5 ‘o’clock shadow) is has a grey shade to it anyway. This means no matter what colour your hair is when long, blonde, brown, red, or grey, it will have a greyish tone to it when shaved short which is what we match the treatment too. 


When SMP pigment starts to fade, after 3-6 years, our experience tells us that it also blends in naturally with grey hair. If you want your treatment to lighten as you age to match your hair, you could decide to skip a touch-up. We treat every patient on a case-by-case basis, of course, and if you want to hide the grey hairs completely we can do that in the next top-up session.


Examples of scalp micropigmentation and grey hair


If you already have had scalp micropigmentation you’ll know that it is designed to replicate the exact colour of your hair when shaved. Our practitioners skillfully blend the treatment with your skin tone to provide the closest match possible.


Some men come to us when they’ve already started turning grey, which allows us to take that into consideration from the very first treatment.


How will SMP look when I’m old?

Of course, as you get older you will probably want your SMP to reflect your age. 


We always personalise your hairline and treatment style to suit your age, style and face shape. After many years of having SMP, if you wanted to change your hairline it would be possible with one session of laser removal. Laser removal can soften the hairline for a more mature or receded look. 


Adding in lighter pigments during a touch-up session that is also something we are able to do. Blending together new and older pigments will give you a realistic reflection of your age, so the treatment will remain just as unnoticeable to others.

There are no limitations on the style of SMP we can provide. That gives you the confidence that no matter your age, scalp micropigmentation can be altered as you mature.



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It’s just another reason why scalp micropigmentation is the best hair loss solution available today. As you mature, so can the treatment, ensuring you always have a look you are happy and comfortable with. You can find answers to all of your scalp micropigmentation questions on our FAQ page here.


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