Places Its NOT Appropriate To Wear A Hat

Wondering where it is appropriate to wear a hat as a man? Hats are a wonderful accessory that can provide the perfect finishing touch to a whole range of different outfits. Whether smart or casual, there’s a hat for almost every type of occasion. Some people are bigger on them than others, but either way, there are some rights and wrongs when it comes to wearing them. One of the biggest lessons to learn is where they should and should not be worn. Read on to find out the places you should never wear a hat.


Hats are cool! But there is some places its totally inappropriate to wear one.

Hat Etiquette- Top places it’s still not appropriate to wear a hat 

Job Interview

First impressions go a hell of a long way when it comes to job interviews. Most prospective employers make their minds up very quickly about you. So sitting there under a hat is going to tell them you either think you’re too good for the role, or just obsessed with yourself. Wear it on the way there by all means – but if you don’t take it off you’ll just look unprofessional. If your unsure about what to wear to a job interview, theres a handy guide to interview attire here.

First date

Unless your first date is attending the opening day of Ascot (that’s what you’d call setting the bar high) then leave your hat at home. The other person wants to get to know you and will only be distracted by this ‘thing’ sitting on top of your head – no matter how cool you think it makes you look. It just puts the attention onto you, when really, the other person feels they will deserve it just as much.

At a funeral

There’s nothing nice about attending a funeral. Even if it isn’t someone especially close to you. But while you are there you have to show respect for the deceased and those in mourning – and rocking a hat shows anything but that. You might disagree, but the consensus is that its not appropriate to wear a hat at a funeral. If you wear one upon arrival then be sure to take it off when you are there – especially when the family of the deceased is near.


Its not appropriate to wear a hat at work- unless a hat is part of your work uniform of course!

At work

You probably won’t last very long if you stroll into work wearing a hat every day. Unless you’re one of those lucky hipsters working in a creative company of some sort. For more formal work settings wearing a hat is a big no-no. The last thing you need is to be talking to HR about flouting dress code policies and forced to memorize the work handbook. Can you wear a hat on ‘dress down Fridays? You might get lucky on dress-down Fridays, but it’s probably not worth the hassle. Anyway, most people you work with wouldn’t know style if it hit them in the face, so leave your fashion statements for the weekend.

At a fancy restaurant

Most high-end restaurants have a dress code of some sort and you can rest assured they will not be in favor of customers wearing hats. The bigger question is, why do you feel the need to wear one while you are eating? You are inside an insulated building and you should be warm enough – unless it’s a pop-up in the middle of Antarctica. Just take one look around and you’ll see no-one else is wearing one – and neither should you. It may seem a dated idea, but its still not appropriate to wear a hat at the dinner table, let alone a fancy restaurant. 


Wearing a hat on holiday is a different ball game. Hats when travelling = no rules apply

When its appropriate to wear a hat

As a gentle reminder, we’ve included a small list of places where it would be normal to wear a hat. When it’s appropriate for a man to wear a hat:

  • on holiday
  • going swimming
  • on a cold day
  • at the gym
  • on the weekends 
  • in a casual bar
  • when its part of your work uniform


Are you using hats to hide hair loss?

We get it. Wearing a hat can act as a mask to shield you from dealing with a receding hairline, balding spots or thinning hair. Its a lot easier to whip on a baseball cap or beanie instead of battling with your remaining hair in front of a mirror.


Not leaving the house without your hat could be a sign you are hiding behind it.


While it’s perfectly normal to reach for your favorite hat on a bad hair day, it’s not ok to completely avoid places because you don’t want to show your hair. Hair loss sucks; it can feel powerless, deflate your confidence and stress you out. But when it affects your everyday life, stopping you from going to a fancy restaurant or club without your hat, for example, it may be time to address the situation.


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