How To Transition From A Wig To SMP

How To Transition From A Wig To SMP – Advice from Skalp® Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic


For a long time the only way men dealing with hair loss could cover up their hair loss was by using a wig or hairpiece. However, the increased popularity of scalp micropigmentation has meant that more men than ever are now able to switch from wig’s and hairpieces to a permanent hair tattoo.


Transitioning from a wig to SMP can seem a bit daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s something we get asked about a lot and so we’ve written the handy guide below. Read on to find out how best to transition from a wig or hairpiece to SMP.

Gradual change

The great thing about SMP is it is implemented in 3 gradual steps and not done in one session. This means it can be made to look as if your hair is growing back after it has been shaved. It will be far less noticeable and nobody will think to question why you have decided to keep a buzz cut, rather than let it all grow back.

Plan ahead

We understand that making the transition from wearing a hairpiece to going for a shaved head look can be daunting. It’s natural to feel nervous so it pays to plan your treatment to help you cope with the change. A good suggestion is to take some time off between the first two sessions so you can take stock and relax, without letting yourself be overcome with worry about the change to your appearance.

Breathing space

Your scalp would have become used to the adhesives that help to keep the hairpiece in place and your skin will need some help to adjust to the upcoming change. It’s a good idea to give your scalp a break to let it breathe at home so the skin is in the best condition possible before the SMP treatment starts. Have a couple of days wig free at home or on holiday before the treatment if you can. Or change from using glue to tape, as this will allow you to take it off to let the skin relax.

Help the skin recover

After years of wearing a hairpiece, there can be a build-up of skin on the scalp. A good idea is to use a gentle skin exfoliator ( a face wash would work fine! ) to get rid of dead skin cells and bring the fresh skin to the surface. Getting some sun or UV light will also help the skin return back to its normal condition. Being under the hairpiece for a long time usually means the skin is a little paler and UV light will restore it back to its normal tone. Not to mention the vitamin C from the sun will give it a well-needed vitality boost.

Visualise your new look

When you visit one of our scalp micropigmentation clinics, we can arrange for you to have a free virtual mock-up of what your new hairline will look like. Thousands of customers have found this to be an invaluable part of the process. A hairline mock-up gives our clients a clear insight on what’s to come. Visualizing your new look helps you prepare and become truly committed to the change. 



Chat with us!

We understand that many people who enquire with us have been wearing a wig or hairpiece for a large portion of their life and to have it removed is a bit scary! But we are here to help. Our friendly team are experts in this field and are happy to talk you through any questions or concerns, as well as advise you on the best plan of action when it comes to scheduling your SMP treatment. 


You can also visit our friendly and resourceful online forum populated by people who have undergone the treatment or ask any of our skilled practitioners who have all undergone the process too.


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