How To Look Good Bald (And Feel Confident With A Shaved Head)

How To Look Good Bald – 5 Easy Steps!

As attractive as our hair is while we have it, there’s no reason to think we can’t look great if we go bald. From Vin Diesel to Bruce Willis, there’s plenty of men who know how to rock a bald head while being seen as devilishly good looking.


So what are the rules and how can you look good with a bald head? Here are 5 easy steps that show you how:



1. Keep a fresh face / clean skin

Keeping your skin looking fresh and clean will contribute a lot to the way you look and feel. We all make quick judgments about each other based on our looks and the one thing we can’t hide is our face. A basic skincare routine could make a world of difference in how your skin feels and boost your confidence. Check out our basic skincare routine for men here. It’s easy- cleanse every evening, exfoliate once a week and apply sun protection and moisturizer daily. It’s an important routine to get into whether you are bald or not- and you will thank yourself for later! 


2. Master the facial stubble

If going full-beard is not your type of look, or just seems like too much hassle, then mastering facial stubble goes a long way. It can add a whole new dimension to the way you look, especially if you are bald, bringing out the jawline to define the lower half of your face. This takes the focus away from the top of your head while giving you a little more of a rugged appeal – and what man or woman can resist that?


3. Keep your head clean shaved – and moisturize!

Moisturising doesn’t just apply to the face – but the rest of your head too. If your skin is exposed to sunlight or the elements, you need to give it some care and attention. Keeping your head clean shaved is just as important. Constant shaving creates a lot of stress on the skin and can cause it to look quite rough in places. A gentle moisturizer will help protect the skin and keep you looking fantastic. It’s a simple enough routine to get into and you’ll soon realize how much it can add to your overall look.


4. Try the gym, get bigger shoulders.

Our body shapes play a big part in how others see us. This is especially true if you have a bald head. It’s all about proportion and by hitting the gym you can broaden your shoulders and take the heat of your head. Working out the upper half of your body, in general, will help strike a good balance, while also making you look pretty damn hot in the process. There’s no downside to this part of the deal. Not sure where to start in the gym? Check out this upper body workout for beginners. 


5. Improve your posture and act confident

Perhaps the easiest way to look good bald is to carry yourself with confidence. If you emulate self-belief then others will soon believe in you too. Much of life is like a confidence trick and walking-the-walk is also a good way of tricking yourself into having more confidence. Remember, there’s only one of you and you can’t please everyone, so concentrate on being the best version of you and everyone around you will soon love you for who you are.



How to look good bald if a shaved head doesnt suit you.

Firstly, we think a shaved head looks great on any man! However, if the bald head look isn’t doing it for you there are options to consider. One of them is scalp micropigmentation treatment. Scalp micropigmentation (aka SMP) is a cosmetic hairline tattoo that replicates shaved hair follicles on the head. SMP can boost your confidence by giving you your hairline back, learn all about how SMP treatment works here.


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