Can Kimchi Cabbage Cure Baldness?

Can kimchi cure baldness?

Over the years we have seen and heard about a lot of potential cures for baldness, but possibly not one that involves eating a South Korean delicacy. One of its key ingredients is cabbage, which is not the most enjoyable vegetable to eat at the best of times, although that could change if it was found to contain properties that restored lost hair. We take a closer look at the claims below to see if there is anything truth to the idea.


Study In South Korea Found Kimchi Drink To Reverse Baldness.

What are the kimchi baldness cure claims being made?

According to a new study carried out by scientists, eating kimchi – a staple in Korean cuisine – can help to not only thicken hair but also reverse the balding process.


What is kimchi? It is a popular side dish in Korea that usually features salted and fermented vegetables such as Korean radish or napa cabbage. Although, there are literally hundreds of different vegetables that can be used as the main ingredient. A number of seasonings are usually added, including garlic, ginger, spring onions, chilli powder and salted seafood.

What did the kimchi research involve?

A relatively small sample group of 23 men in the early stages of hair loss were asked to eat a kimchi drink for breakfast and again before bedtime by researchers.


One month later, it was discovered that the average number of hairs had increased from 85 per square centimetre to 90. The study continued for a further three months and the average number of hairs per square centimetre increased to 92.


The findings were published by researchers from Dankook University close to Seoul, South Korea in the World Journal of Men’s Health journal.


Based on their results, the scientists said that kimchi may be able to promote hair growth and reverse baldness. They believe it to be a safer strategy for patients who rely on drugs that can produce some adverse side-effects.


Advocates of kimchi claim that regular eating of the dish can also lower cholesterol, clear up skin problems and potentially slow down the ageing process.


A previous study, conducted in 2015, produced results that suggests kimchi – and other fermented foods – may also be able to reduce anxiety in young people. It was carried out by researchers at the William and Mary College in Virginia and the University of Maryland, where they found that students eating fermented food expressed fewer symptoms of social anxiety.

Fermented foods for hair loss

Fermented foods such as kimchi are very popular. Although fermented foods have been enjoyed by a few people for many years, they are now enjoyed by the wider population with more fermented products being readily available. This is because new information about the importance of gut heath and the gut microbiome is being investigated and released. At the moment, we know Fermented foods provide vital healthy bacteria for the gut.


Fermented foods such as pickles, yoghurt and kimchi could cure baldness.


It makes sense then, that eating these fermented foods will improve overall health and possibly reverse baldness:

  • Kombocha
  • Kimchi
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kefir
  • Tempeh
  • Yoghurt
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Miso


What can you do about hair loss right now?

Does kimchi cure baldness? The sample set for the Korean kimchi study only involved 23 people. This study’s sample size is too small to be conclusive so there is still more studies needed before kimchi can be labelled as cure for balding.


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